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Robbinsville Schools

On Sunday, April 26th, Robbinsville Schools held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the completion of a two year construction project that included a 26 classroom addition and a new gym at Sharon Elementary School.  We thank the residents of Robbinsville for making it possible!


Superintendent's Forum 

With Gratitude We Say Farewell


Teachers retire every year.  This year, however, we in Robbinsville are losing seven teachers that have served as a hallmark to the very best Robbinsville Schools has to offer.  Recently, a first year colleague of retiring third grade teacher Debby Muench expressed that she felt cheated to have had only one year to work alongside Debby. The reason?  Even after nearly forty years in the classroom Mrs. Muench continues to lead by example, always seeking new ways of reaching kids and sharing their excitement when they make key connections.  Joining her in retirement are fellow Sharon Elementary School veterans Shirley Little, Betsy Borsuk, and Cindy Pivovarnick, Pond Road Middle School, counselor Alice Landerkin and Spanish teacher Charlotte Oskin, and RHS biology legend Sandy Overton, known throughout the district as Dr. O. These exceptional seven leave behind a legacy of excellence that has come to define our school community.  Please click here to continue...


We are in the Trenton Times!
 April 22, 2015
April 15, 2015 
Robbinsville Among Top 10 School Districts
in New Jersey for Your Buck
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