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SubFinder is the online process for reporting absences in the Robbinsville School District.  Whenever you will be out, please us the phone or computer to record your absence.


If you are new to the system, there are a couple of things you must do in order to establish your “account”. You need a username and password from Human Resources (Kathy Neuhauser) and then:


Using a touchtone phone, call SubFinder at 1-888-496-4023. You can register using the following directions:


1.     SubFinder will identify itself and ask you to enter your PIN (Personal Identification Number) followed by the # key. Enter the PIN using the touch pad of your telephone and press the # key.

2.     Once you have entered your PIN, SubFinder will acknowledge that this is the first time you have called and ask you to voice your name. Please say your first and last name clearly, as you want it to be heard by other people using the system. When you are done speaking, press the # key. After pressing the # key, SubFinder will play your recorded name back to you for verification. If it is correct, press 1. If you want to re-record your name, press 2 and repeat this step again.


3.     Once you have recorded your name and accepted it, SubFinder will play your Main Menu. Please choose option to Review Personal Information. Pay particular attention to option 1-To Review Your Phone Number and 3-To Review the Days of the Week You are Available to Work. If any of the information is incorrect, you may change it  by following SubFinder’s instructions. For additional concerns, contact Kathy Neuhauser at


After that, you may utilize the system by phone (number listed above) or online at:


You may also refer to the following link which will provide you with a guide to utilizing the system if you did not receive a hard copy at Substitute Orientation. Click on the link and then open the file.



Last Modified on May 29, 2013